Tetris Container Hostel is more than just an affordable place for people to spend a few nights. It’s about connecting with other travels and locals. We promote a positive thinking atmosphere where we want out guest to feel like family. When you arrive we want you to feel like you’re are home, not at another hostel. Our goal is to give you a unique experience unlike any other you’ve had.

Tetris Container Hostel

Our journey began november 2014, when we came up with the name tetris. While the containers resemble that of the pieces from the came tetris, we feel that our guests are the pieces. We felt the spirit of tetrsi was to connect pieces of different shapes and color, and just like people of differenct age, culture, color and nationalities…we join them together to form new friendships, ideas and project sharing. In 2015 all the hard work was reward when we were selected as the best hostel in Brazil by Viagem e Turismo Magazine.

Welcome to Tetris. We expect for an incredible travel experience here in Foz do Iguaçu

Join us and follow our journey! =)