Sustainable hostel? Yes!

During the construction of Tetris, a number of well researched practices have been adopted so that we could be considered a sustainable hostel. The practices directly influence the functions of the hostel and can be recognized.

What’s the difference?

There are several differences between a sustainable hostel and one that isn’t. We feel that it’s just as important to respect the environment as we do our guests. Therefore, the adoption of these responsibilities requires commitment to the well-being and sense of community.

What makes us a sustainable hostel


Solar heating

The water used in the hostel goes through solar heaters that are on the ceiling, and reduce the consumption of electricity.

Recycled furniture

Some of the furniture present in the hostel was built using parts of other materials that would have otherwise been thrown away, such as wooden pallets.


The rain is collected, stored and later used throughout the hostel such as the toilets and plant watering system.

Online check in

In order to reduce paper usage, we offer our guests the option of online check-in.

Green roof

All of roofs are covered with real grass, lined with protective coating to prevent leaks…this has become an effective, natural way of insulating the containers.

LED lighting

Our hostel is lit by efficient LED lights that increase longevity and reduce energy consumption

Sewage treatment

Special plants with roots that penetrate our waste system filter the sewage the system and provides nourishment for our garden.

Reduction of straws

We encourage your guests to reduce using plastic straws in our bar.

Recycled Containers

Just like you, the containers used to build Tetris have traveled the world!

Recycled Pool Deck

Our pool deck is made out of a plastic/wood blend made from recycled materials. This increases the life of our deck while protecting the forests.

Isolation thermo-acoustic

More than 100,000 recycled bottles were used to make thermo-acoustic insulation of the hostel.

Sustainable uniforms

Our uniforms are made through a blend between cotton (50%) and plastic bottle (50%).